EUMM - European Union Monitoring Mission in Georgia

Krtsanisi Residential Area, 49 Krtsanisi Street, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel: +995 32 2 721800; +995 32 2 719300
22/01/2019 02:01:53
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EUMM - Just a monitoring mission!
Zuzana Brunnerova, Slovakia Stabilisation, normalisation, confidence building and reporting – the four cornerstones of the EUMM mandate and, at the same time, the first four words which I remembered when receiving information about my upcoming deployment to Georgia. Honestly, it did not mean much to me in those early days. This was my first mission, and I was primarily focused on adapting to my new life. However, there is much more to those four key words of our mandate than meets they eye!
We share our experiences and professional backgrounds and this assists in carrying out our overall Mission in Georgia
Razvan-Claudiu ILICA, Romania In 1978, I was the first child of a normal military family living in the beautiful University City of Iasi, in the Northeast part of Romania. I graduated in 2001 from the Police Academy Al.I.Cuza in Bucharest. Ever since that time, I have been part of the Romanian Border Police and mainly involved in daily criminal investigations...
EUMM makes a difference
Georgina Magnussen, Denmark My name is Georgina Magnussen and I am 39 years old and from Denmark. For the past 14 years I’ve worked as a police officer in different fields, for example, patrolling, community policing, riot police and investigations. My job has given me the opportunity to work abroad in Kosovo and Palestine, and the EU Monitoring Mission is now my third mission...
When the local population tells our patrols they feel safer due to our presence, it gives me hope that EUMM can help the conflict parties
Daniela Bulgaru, Romania I have been a part of the Romanian National Police for 12 years. I started out in the capital Bucharest and have been working as a Criminal Investigator for the last 8 years in Constanta, in Southeast Romania. Since I arrived in Georgia in October 2017, I have been working in one of the two Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) teams in Field Office Gori...
I feel privileged to be part of an international mission
Niels Jegind, Denmark I am from Denmark and have a background in public administration and EU external relations. I completed my Masters studies in public administration and EU foreign policy in Denmark. I also have an additional Master’s degree from the College of Europe in Warsaw where I specialised in the EU’s neighbourhood relations towards the south and east...