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24/02/2024 11:02:44
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Recent violent incidents in Gali district, including two killings and one act of arson, were amongst the issues discussed at the eighteenth Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meeting in Gali


Under the auspices of the UN, Russian and de facto Abkhaz authorities, as well as Georgian Government and EUMM representatives attended the eighteenth IPRM meeting in Gali on Tuesday 15 June.

In a professional and constructive atmosphere, participants exchanged and clarified information about the recent violent incidents that had occurred in Gali district, including the killing on 1 June of Mr Genadi Kvitsiniya, the killing on 3 June of Mr Dmitri Katsia, and the acts of arson on 6 June in the village of Dikhazurga which led to the destruction of five houses.

Despite different opinions on the causes of these incidents, it was agreed that a known criminal was involved in at least one of these killings. It was agreed that there was a common interest in ensuring further cooperation in combating such criminal activities.

Participants also expressed regret and denounced the events that had taken place on 6 June in the village of Dikhazurga. In addition to clarifying information about these events they discussed the steps undertaken since in order to prevent such occurrences in the future. Participants also agreed on the need to avoid any inflammatory statements and not to anticipate the outcome of any investigations.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in Gali on 20 July 2010.