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30/05/2024 23:05:32
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On 28 September, the EUMM Field Office in Zugdidi invited school children living in villages in the vicinity of the Abkhaz Administrative Boundary Line as well as students of three schools in the town of Zugdidi to participate in a Children’s Activity Day. More than one hundred children aged between 12 to 13 years old were transported from the villages of Ganmukhuri, Orsantia, Koki, Rhuki, Lia and Pakhulani to Zugdidi, where they were joined by students from the Zugdidi Public School No 1, Public School No 4 (Russian speaking) and the Zugdidi IDP school No 1. All these participants, from a wide variety of backgrounds, were welcomed by the Chief of the Field Office, who underlined the significance of the event.

In the Dadiani Park scenery, the children enjoyed a sunny and joyful day while taking part in a range of competitions and other activities such as a running race, an “egg and spoon” race, a “sack” race, treasure hunting, drawing pictures and even “pulling an armoured car”. The children appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves and the occasion proved to be a great success. The young participants also gave interviews which were taped and subsequently broadcast on the EUMM Radio Show on 6 October (listen to the show every Wednesday at 6 pm on Radio ODISHI). At the end, the most active participants were awarded with medals, certificates and other prizes.