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22/05/2024 08:05:11
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Young Georgian talents at EUMM Women’s Day events

The EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia marks International Women’s Day to recognize that peace and development require active participation and equality for both women and men, and to acknowledge the contribution of women to international peace and security. By marking International Women’s day, EUMM reaffirms its commitment to promote gender equality in Crisis Management. Equality between women and men is a fundamental right, a common value of the EU and it’s also seen as a rational basis in the process of building sustainable peace and security.

A series of events has been organised by EUMM Field Offices around International Women’s Day, with the theme ‘Connecting Girls, Inspiring Futures’.

These events involved successful women to inspire others to discover and use the best of their potentials and to develop life skills – in negotiation, leadership, conflict resolution, critical thinking, decision making and communication- as emphasised by Ambassador Andrzej Tyszkiewicz, the Head of the EUMM in his opening speech in Mtskheta on Tuesday.

Three famous Georgian girl pop-groups, Bzikebi, Mari Dari and Candy (the latter won the 2011 Junior Eurovision) performed in Mtskheta, Gori and Zugdidi on 6-7-8 March, together with some local folk dancers and singers, entertaining more than a thousand people altogether. There have also been presentations of young Georgian women, who had achieved success in various professions: military pilot, police officer, human rights lawyer, artist, businesswoman, university rector.

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