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15/06/2024 20:06:45
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EU Day: “Thanks to EUMM, thanks to Gori”


On 11 May the Gori municipality and its Cultural-Educational Centre of Youth and Pupils hosted an event to mark EU Day and show appreciation for EUMM’s contribution to stability in the areas adjacent to the administrative boundary lines with South Ossetia.

Gathering hundreds of people, including the Head of the Sakrebulo David Rasmadze and the Gamgebeli of the Gori municapility Papuna Koberidze, the event featured talented artists singing folk songs, reading poems and performing traditional dances under a banner featuring “thanks to EUMM; thanks to Gori”.

Hans Schneider, the Head of EUMM’s Field Office in Gori, addressed the audience following a slide show of EUMM in its daily activities: The fact that the people of Gori invited EUMM tonight shows how much the contribution to peace and stability of a civilian, impartial mission is appreciated.”  He went on emphasising the importance of EUMM’s cooperation with civil society and the crucial role of education in conflict-affected areas.

At the entrance of the Gori concert hall, NGOs from the Shida Kartli region displayed a set of handmade products.
EUMM’s Field Office Gori will continue to celebrate the European Union throughout the month of May, with a competition for secondary schools and related outreach activities in the conflict-affected villages of Didi Khurvaleti, Plavi and Keltseuli on the theme “What does peace and stability represent for you?”.

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