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24/05/2024 11:05:12
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“When I see EUMM cars, I feel safer” - EUMM Gori celebrates Europe Day


In order to mark EU Day, EUMM’s Field Office in Gori launched a contest aimed at schools in Didi Khurvaleti, Plavi, and Kelktseuli. School children were offered to send a personal message to EUMM in relation to the European Union’s motto “united in diversity”.

On 16 May an award ceremony took place in the Didi Khurvaleti School. The ceremony was attended by teachers, pupils and their parents, as well as the Gori Disabled Club. EUMM monitors were welcomed with warm, emotional and dynamic performances by the Gori Disabled Club and pupils of Didi Khurvaleti School. The EU’s motto “Unity in diversity” was well represented and adapted by all participants.

 “The hard time was in 2008, when we were forced to leave our houses,” 15-year-old Nika Javakhisvili, from the Didi Khurvaleti settlement for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP), wrote to EUMM. “The conflict created fear in me. […] But when I see EUMM cars going to the ABL to check something, I feel safer and I hope that with their help I will be able to return to Qsuisi, my village.”

EUMM’s Field Office will host similar events in Plavi on 25 May and Keltseuli on 30 May.