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15/06/2024 06:06:45
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EUMM reaches out in run-up to Human Rights Day

EUMM is attending to several events to mark Human Rights Day, which is taking place on  10 December. Together with the EU Delegation’s Mobile Information Centre, municipalities and grass-roots NGOs and associations, our monitors are raising awareness about EUMM’s mandate, within the framework of the European Union’s activities, and how this relates to human rights. 

This week monitors from EUMM’s Field Office in Gori will  visit several schools in areas adjacent to the Administrative Boundary Line with South Ossetia, explaining our  mandate and our monitors’ everyday work, with a special focus on basic human rights, such as freedom of movement and access to livelihood. 

In order to empower young people to further reflect about human rights and how this applies in their daily lives, EUMM and the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA) are also launching a photographic competition called “Have a look at my rights”. Students are encouraged to take photos illustrating their understanding and thoughts about human rights and to send them to EUMM. Together with GYLA, the Mission will award the best three photos in each school and host award ceremonies later in December.

In the meantime, Field Office Zugdidi is concentrating on the attention paid by our monitors to women’s rights while they are on patrol. Our monitors will attend a set of  events and gender-related training sessions, for example in cooperation with the local Ombudsman’s office.

For those who are interested, here is an outline of the various on-going events:

Field Office Gori
- Presentations at schools on 02 December in Khurvaleti, 03 December in Ditsi, 04 December in Akhalubani and 06 December in Lamiskana
- Third annual football match (EUMM Team - Sachkere Gamgeoba Team) in Sachkere on 07 December at 12:00
- Photographic competition – Award  ceremonies: 18 December in  Ditsi and Lamiskana, 19 December in Khurvaleti and Akhalubani