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19/07/2024 15:07:44
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Press Advisory Note - EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM) - 83 IPRM Meeting in Ergneti on the 19 December 2017

As you are aware the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) meeting takes place monthly in Ergneti. Media representatives are always welcome. A press Release is posted after each meeting on both the EUMM Website and Facebook. 

The IPRM meeting is an important platform for all participants to discuss an agreed agenda. It is very important that all participants are able to meet and discuss matters in a private and confidential manner. Sometimes, private and confidential matters are discussed during coffee and lunch breaks. 

In order to ensure Media access, and to respect the privacy and confidentiality of any IPRM participant discussions outside the IPRM tent, the following additional guidelines will be in place:

  • Media representatives reporting on the IPRM will be issued with a Media Badge to enable access to the location designated for media;
  • Media representatives will initially enter the location designated for media. At an appropriate time, Media representatives may approach the area outside the IPRM tent for 15 minutes to take photographs and record audio and video before the official opening of the IPRM Meeting. This includes two (2) minutes access accompanied by EUMM press staff inside the IPRM tent;
  • Media representatives will then be asked to return to the location designated for media. If Media representatives should leave the IPRM area, and wish to return later, this is, of course, possible. Refreshments will be available in the location designated for media;
  • Following the end of the IPRM Meeting, Media representatives will be afforded another opportunity to approach the area outside the IPRM tent to take photographs and record audio and video.

Your cooperation, as always, is appreciated.

EUMM Georgia Media Contact:


·          Duty Phone: + 995 591 227 069

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