EUMM on Formula TV

“Situation at the ABL with Abkhazia” Formula TV joins EUMM Field Office Zugdidi patrol, interviews Head of Mission. 

Formula TV dedicated a reportage to the current situation at the Abkhazian ABL. An author of the reportage speaks about the problems, local face due to the pandemic and closure of the Enguri Bridge. 

Head of Mission, Ambassador Marek Szczygieł, in his interview, underlined the role of the Mission-managed hotline in ensuring communication between the parties: “70% of hotline activations were related to South Ossetia. 30 percent to Abkhazia. This can be explained by the length of the ABL. Compared to South Ossetia, the area to be crossed may be smaller. Moreover, villages and land plots in South Ossetia are located differently. Most of the messages received from South Ossetia are currently related to agricultural activities. This explains the difference between these two region s”- he said.  

“The presence of EUMM in Georgia is a demonstration of the EUs commitment to ensuring security and stability in the region. We provide international community with objective and accurate information through diplomats accredited in Georgia. We are also informing the Co-Chairs of the Geneva Discussions”- Head of Mission added.  

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