Special Prize for Peace Journalism
EUMMs Special Prize for Peace Journalism - A unique opportunity for journalists

The awarded journalist will be offered a one-month fellowship in the Caucasus programme at the headquarters of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR) in London.

What is Peace Reporting?
The term encompasses best practices of journalism: ethical, fair and prejudice-free reporting that seeks out sources outside the primary belligerents. It refers to reporting that breaks from a simplistic, bipolar interpretation of events, thus  building confidence between communities rather than further dividing them.

Who can participate?
Journalists, editors, bloggers and web publishers, from all regions of Georgia are invited to submit a piece of print, online or audio-visual reporting by 1 November 2016. Entries can be submitted in English, Georgian, Russian, Abkhaz or Ossetian languages and should have been originally published/broadcast/posted between 2nd November 2015 and 1st November 2016 inclusive.

What do you need to do?

Submit a piece of journalistic work by 18 November 2016. The jury will base its selection solely on the following criteria: balance, neutrality, relevance in promoting peaceful dialogue through media and adherence to best journalistic standards of reporters in conflict zones.