Meet our monitors

I admire people who live in tough conditions

Gabriela, 43, Czech Republic

I have been working with police in the Czech Republic for 22 years. Before we  joined the Schengen area I worked at the border with Poland and following the change I moved inland working with foreigners who applied for long-term or temporary stay in the country. Four years ago, after reorganization in the structure of the Czech police, I started working at the airport in Prague as a first and second line check police officer.

The European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) is my first international mission.  Before arriving to Georgia I have only spent short period of time wokring abroad. I have worked for Frontex (European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union) being part of activities such as Eurocup 2008 and 2012, operations at the land border between Greece and Turkey, Poland and Ukraine, Greece and Albania.

I joined Field Office Mtskheta in mid-December last year and was assigned to the Administrative Boundary Line team. I was pleased since the type of work carried out by this team seemed most exciting to me. I like to drive in a challenging terrain and meet interesting people who are willing to share their concerns, thoughts and hopes with us - monitors. I also like the feeling of being part of a team where work is based on mutual support.

Back home I live in a small town close to the border with Poland but because I work in Prague I spend considerable time in the capital. In Prague, I try to use the opportunity to visit theatres, exhibitions, concerts and when I am in my hometown, I enjoy the nature and the kind of life where everyone knows everyone.

There are aspects of life here in Georgia that are common to the Czech Republic as well. Part of our countries’ history is similar and sometimes Georgia reminds me of my homeland. What I admire the most are those people, quite often elderly, living in remote villages, high in the mountains in tough conditions who, despite their difficult daily life, are very generous, hospitable, smiling and never complaining. I can also frankly add that I even envy their good shape.

I enjoy being part of EUMM both because I find the work interesting and rewarding and also because it allows me to get to know more about another nation. I am glad to be here and I can say with confidence that the journey is worth it.

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