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Javier Solana’s Personal Representative on Human Rights visits the EUMM

On 26 April Ms Riina Kionka, the Personal Representative of Javier Solana on Human Rights, visited EUMM Field Office Gori and was briefed by EUMM staff members on general human rights concerns in Georgia with particular focus on the situation of Internally Displaced Persons.

Ms. Kionka also visited the village of Koshka, located close to the Administrative Boundary Line with South Ossetia where she met with local inhabitants. The visit then continued to the Internally Displaced settlement of Tserovani where Ms. Kionka visited a number of accommodations and met with the Deputy Minister for Refugees and Accommodation who briefed her on the Government’s plans with regard to the support provided to the Internally Displaced Persons.

Ms. Kionka’s visit represented an opportunity to gather information on the human rights situation on the ground and to explore opportunities for the EUMM work to focus further on human rights related issues.

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