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The EU Monitoring Mission stand at the annual Brussels Exhibition to mark EU Day on 9 May was the centre of considerable attention as members of the public competed to obtain free EUMM gifts and get a picture of themselves with EUMM’s local Georgian Press Officer. Why? Because there was a lot of interest in the wide array of goods and information about the work and role of the Mission – and the added attraction of seeing her showing the best of Georgia in a special Georgian dance outfit.

The Exhibition in the main building of the Council of the European Union in the centre of Brussels was busy as hundreds of members of the public came along throughout the day to the large Atrium at the front of the building to see displays from all 10 of the European Security and Defence policy (ESDP) Missions from across the world. The EUMM is one of the largest and one of the most recent to be set up. The EUMM display was able to reflect the activities in recent weeks across our own Field Offices to mark EU Day, the wide extent of the work of the Mission, and the beauty and splendour of Georgia itself.

As well as having a chance to explain to the public about the Mission and the country of Georgia, there was also the opportunity to talk to many colleagues in other ESDP Missions about their work and the challenges they face. Overall, although tiring, it was a good day for EUMM, for ESDP policy, for the public and for Europe.



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