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As part of the European Programme of Education, EUMM Field Office Gori visited the comprehensive school n.3 in Gori town and participated in Green Wave Day. This activity takes place in 30 different countries at the same time and it is funded by the European Union with the motto: ” One school, one tree, one gift to nature” This event aimed to increase awareness among the young generation about environmental issues. The EUMM Monitoring Team distributed leaflets and posters and shared some information on the work of EUMM in Georgia. The school itself organized many group works involving the children singing, drawing, and planting trees to celebrate and respect the natural environment which surrounds us. The whole school was involved in this celebration with around 300 children, mainly from the primary school. The whole school enthusiastically welcomed EUMM monitors and both children and teachers showed great interest regarding the aims and the objectives of the Mission.

Within the framework of its normalization and stabilization components, and in order to further enhance confidence building and contact with the local population, EUMM intend to organise regularly similar activities across towns and villages in Georgia.

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