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EUMM “an excellent example of the EU in action” says UK’s Europe Minister


The UK’s Europe Minister Glenys Kinnock visited the EUMM’s Tbilisi Field Office in Mtskheta yesterday where she was welcomed by the Head of Mission Ambassador Haber. He was able to brief her on the role and work of the Mission, the latest issues facing the Mission with the closure of the other international Missions in Georgia, and the security situation along the administrative boundary lines. In response the Minister said the EUMM was an excellent example of the EU in action. The UK recognised the hard work that was being carried out by the Mission, it was very inspiring, and she asked what else could be done to ensure the Mission was fully supported, especially now it faced extra pressure on its own with the closure of the OSCE and the UN Missions. The Minister thanked everyone in EUMM for all their hard work, saying it was much appreciated by the UK. She added that the knowledge gained so far would be invaluable as the Mission moved forward after September.

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