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Freedom of movement and reconciliation issues, which feature in the film ‘The Other Bank’, were the subject of a lively and wide-ranging discussion with students from Tbilisi State University


On 9 February, students from the Tbilisi State University, belonging to the European Law Students’ Association, and representatives from the EUMM, gathered together in the screening room of the Literature Café to watch the movie ‘The Other Bank’ by Giorgi Ovashvili. The movie tells an emotionally evoking story of a 12 year old boy who had to flee his home town of Tkvarcheli, Abkhazia with his mother after the war in Abkhazia in 1992/3. After suffering problems as an IDP in Tbilisi he decides to undertake a harrowing journey back to Abkhazia to find his father.

After watching this thought provoking movie, students had a chance to ask many questions of the special guest, director Giorgi Ovashvili. This led to a lively and absorbing discussion about reconciliation, the attitudes and myths of different societies, the role of youth and civil society movements in conflict resolution, and freedom of movement issues. All participants welcomed this opportunity to engage and confront these important topics.

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