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Danish PM visits EUMM HQ

The Danish Prime Minister, Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, visited the EUMM HQ on Friday to meet with Danish EUMM monitors and HQ staff and to receive a briefing on the work of the Mission and the latest situation on the ground from the Head of Mission.

The Danish PM arrived at the Tbilisi HQ, accompanied by a delegation of Danish officials, diplomats and media. He was met by Hansjörg Haber and General Janvier, as well as representatives from the Danish contingent of the EUMM. Mr. Rasmussen was shown the HQ and received a briefing by Mr. Stéphane Bras on the EUMM’s mandate, work and challenges. After Mr. Bras’ briefing, Ambassador Haber discussed the political dimensions of the situation with Mr. Rasmussen.

Mr. Haber described the practical approach of the EUMM, stating that the focus of the Mission is to build confidence on the ground amongst all the relevant authorities, leaving issues about legitimacy and status to the Geneva talks.

Mr. Rasmussen showed great interest in the work of the Mission. He commented;
“We attach great importance to the EU Monitoring Mission. It demonstrates the EU’s capability to act rapidly to situations. Denmark will remain strongly committed to this very important mission”.

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