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The first EUMM Run organized by the Field Office in Gori on 3rd of September was a great success. 66 runners from various groups in Georgia and from different international organizations attended the cross country run in and around Gori itself.  The race started at 18:00 in the park close to the stadium in the centre of the town. The distance of 6.15 kilometers sounded easy but the organiser of the run, Jona Leissner from Sweden, had put together a difficult course which involved going up and down hill. The first runner reached the finish line after 30 minutes. He was a very young and fit Georgian runner from Gori. Second and third were EUMM monitors from Field Office Gori.

The youngest runner was 11 years old and the oldest one a very senior gentleman from Gori. Staff from EUMM HQ also took part. Every runner received a silver medal for taking part in the race and the first three received large golden cups. The event was supported by the Gori municipality. It is hoped that the run will be repeated next year to establish it as a regular event in Shida Kartli.

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