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EEAS Deputy Secretary General visiting EUMM

On 19 October Helga Schmid, Deputy Secretary General and Political Director of the European External Action Service visited Field Office Mtskheta of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia. Ms Schmid was welcomed by Ambassador Andrej Tyszkiewicz, the Head of Mission and other senior staff members. The Deputy Secretary General was given an update about the overall security situation, the operational environment, recent achievements and current challenges of the Mission.

Ms Schmid in turn thanked EUMM for the crucial work being done by the staff on the ground. She highlighted that the European Union has become an important security provider in the world and said EUMM was one of the key missions under the Common Security and Defence Policy. When reiterating Brussels’ support of the work of EUMM Ms Schmid noted that the lack of access to the territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia remains a major challenge and said the EU would work to resolve the issue.

Ms Schmid said that EUMM is not only viewed positively by all EU member states but also both Georgia and Russia had acknowledged the importance of its presence in the conflict area.

In a wider context the Deputy Secretary General underlined the need for continued compliance with the Memoranda of Understanding with the Georgian ministries of Defence and Internal Affairs. She also underscored the significance of operational impartiality of the Mission.

At the end of the visit monitors of the field office were able to ask Ms Schmid questions.


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