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Improving sense of security at the South Ossetian ABL

One of the key issues EUMM is monitoring under the Normalisation pillar of its mandate is the ability of farmers to cultivate their lands in the vicinity of the Administrative Boundary Lines (ABL).  Earlier there have been numerous reports that people living near the South Ossetian ABL did not dare attend their fields as they feared detention. The EU Monitoring Mission has closely been following this sensitive issue and repeatedly raised the problem at the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meetings. The constructive approach of the IPRM participants has resulted in an improving sense of security among the population at the ABL. Information gathered by recent EUMM patrols suggests that in some areas farmers now feel it is safe to cultivate their lands. Some local people even thanked the EU monitors for their presence that they felt had contributed to this development.

EUMM continues patrolling the areas adjacent to the Administrative Boundary Lines to ensure there is no return to hostilities and to facilitate the resumption of a safe and normal life.

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