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Monitoring winterisation

Ensuring the local population, especially those close to the Administrative Boundary Lines (ABL) have the necessary resources to deal with the winter months, is a key part of EUMM’s monitoring activities at this time of the year.

The EU Monitoring Mission takes the opportunity to conduct special patrols in vulnerable rural areas and IDP collective centres to gather information as to how the local population and local authorities are preparing for the cold weather ahead.  Gathering firewood can sometimes prove difficult for local residents as they risk detention for crossing the ABL. During the last Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meeting in Ergneti, Ambassador Tyszkiewicz, the Head of EUMM asked the participants for leniency towards those crossing the ABL unintentionally.

As in previous years, the Mission will share the information it gathers with the relevant Georgian authorities, international organisations and non-governmental organisations that have the capacity to provide assistance for those people in need.

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