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Head of Mission meets Vice Premier/ Minister for Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia

On 20 November Ambassador Tyszkiewicz, the Head of the EU Monitoring Mission met Mr Kakha Kaladze, Vice Premier and Minister for Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia.

Ambassador Tyszkiewicz congratulated the Minister on his appointment and expressed hope that cooperation between the Mission and the Ministry would continue. Mr Kaladze said the activities of EUMM were very much appreciated and guaranteed the unwavering support of the Ministry.

One of the main issues discussed was firewood distribution by the authorities for the population in areas adjacent to the Administrative Boundary Lines. Monitoring whether those people have the necessary resources to deal with the winter months is a key part of EUMM’s activities at this time of the year. Where appropriate, concerns are raised with the relevant Georgian authorities. Ambassador Tyszkiewicz said the Mission was ready to share information gathered by its patrols in vulnerable rural areas and IDP collective centres, so that organisations with the necessary capacity could provide the material assistance needed.

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