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Finnish delegation visits EUMM

A Finnish delegation visited EUMM on the last week of May. Mr. Jukka Tuononen, the Director of the Crisis Management Centre (CMC), Ms. Kaija Uusisilta, the Director of Press and Communications Services of the Finnish Ministry of Interior, Ms. Riitta Mensonen, the First Secretary of the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Mr. Tapio Rasanen, the Human Resources Officer of CMC were welcomed by Ambassador Andrzej Tyszkiewicz, the Head of Mission. The visitors then received an overall briefing about the mandate and work of the Mission, with special focus on recent developments regarding limitations of freedom of movement of the local population.

Ambassador Tyszkiewicz thanked the visitors for Finland’s support and contribution to the Mission (at the moment there are 17 Finnish secondees working for EUMM).

The following days the delegation visited all three EUMM Field Offices, talked to staff members from Finland and followed patrols to the Administrative Boundary Lines and a settlement of Internally Displaced Persons.

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