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The strength of diversity – EU Day in Kelktseuli

On 30 May EUMM Field Office Gori organized the closing event within the framework of the EU Day celebration in the School of Kelktseuli, a village along the Administrative Boundary Line with South Ossetia.

At the beginning of May, EUMM launched a competition, prompting school children to make drawings, write poems or resort to any other means of artistic expression around the European Union’s motto of “Unity in Diversity”.

To emphasize the event, the EU Mobile Information Centre was sent by the European Union Delegation to Georgia and children from the school had the opportunity to watch a short-movie “Travelling in Europe” inside the EU tent.

As in preceding outreach activities in Didi Khurvaleti and Plavi, the Gori Disabled Club staged a series of dances, songs and poetry reading sessions related to peace and tolerance. These were followed by a theatre play performed by some of the schoolchildren. Students from the school set an exhibition with handmade messages with origami technic.

These joint performances highlight the strength of diversity,” Ann Vaessen, the spokesperson of EUMM said, thanking the schoolchildren and their teachers for their warm welcome and their efforts in preparing numerous performances.

At the end of the event, the three winners of the drawing the contest “Send your message to EU and EUMM” were awarded medals. Participants were interviewed for the next EUMM programme on Trialeti Radio.

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