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Hotline facilitates security of ongoing agricultural works in Shida Kartli

On 1 July, the telephone Hotline was activated to inform security actors along the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) in Shida Kartli about ongoing agricultural works in the area. The EUMM facilitated dialogue was to ensure that farmers can cultivate their lands without fear of detention. According to the latest observations of the Mission, people have started to take the opportunity and have begun working on their lands.

Addressing security challenges of the local population has been a key issue for the EU Monitoring Mission.

In April 2012, in an ad-hoc meeting of participants of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) in Kveshi it was decided to  inform all security actors in the region of planned agricultural works in the vicinity of the Administrative Boundary Line via the Hotline to ensure a continuation of economic activities.  For the majority of farmers of this region, household income is mainly derived from cultivation of crops on their relatively small land plots. If cultivation is coming to a halt as a result of lack of security, the farmers’ sources of income are diminished and their livelihood is endangered.  
This agreement was again confirmed by the participants in the course of the 33rd IPRM in Ergneti in April 2013.

As one of EUMM’s main concerns deals with security challenges of the local residents in the vicinity of the ABL, it welcomes the constructive approach of the sides in this regard.

EUMM observing the ABL
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