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Members of European Parliament Sub-Committee on Security and Defence visit EUMM


On 16 July French, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish Members of the European Parliament’s Sub-Committee on Security and Defence (SEDE) visited EUMM. They were welcomed and briefed by the Interim Head of Mission, Gerard A. Fischer, as well as the Head of the EU Delegation to Georgia, Philip Dimitrov,and the EU Special Representative for the Southern Caucasus and the Crisis in Georgia, Philippe Lefort.

The MEPs showed particular interest in the intensification of the installation of fences and other obstacles along the Administrative Boundary Lines with Abkhazia and South Ossetia and expressed their support to EUMMs work.

Upon leaving the Missions headquarters, Arnaud Danjean, Ana Gomes, Krzysztof Lisek and Teresa Riera Madurell participated in an EUMM patrol to villages that are particularly affected by the latest installation of fences, including Gugutiantkari, Zemo Nikozi and Kvemo Nikozi. Besides, EUMM monitors from Field Office Mtskheta took the four Parliamentarians to the IDP settlement of Tserovani, and provided them with an overview of the daily concerns of Internally Displaced Persons.

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