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EUMM launches new Public Information Bulletin

On Thursday 7 July 2016, the EUMM Press and Public Information Unit is launching a new information bulletin about the Mission. The aim is to provide the general public – in Georgia, EU Member States, and internationally – with wide-ranging and specific information about the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia and especially about the men and women who work in the EUMM.

The first issue – which is here – will deal with the core business of the EUMM – the role of our Monitors in Georgia.

Further issues are planned to be published on a regular basis and will include subjects such as life in our Headquarters in Tbilisi and Field Offices (in Mtshketa, Gori and Zugdidi); the workings of our communications mechanisms to maintain a peaceful environment in Georgia: the Hotline and the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRMs); aspects of the environment in which we work, especially along the Administrative Boundary Lines, including the seasonal harvests of hazelnuts, wine, jonjoli and life in general; and other work and life of EUMM monitors in Georgia.

We hope that this bulletin will fill a gap and will provide interesting information to those people who are interested in this Mission and what we do. We continue, of course, to provide specific information on request to journalists, university students, diplomats and the general public.

We in the Press and Public Information Unit of the EUMM wish you interesting reading!

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