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Head of Mission delivers a public lecture at the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA)


On 27 February, Head of EU Monitoring Mission, Erik Høeg met Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijani students from the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA), who are aspiring to become journalists. The Head of Mission gave the participants a short overview of the Mission’s background, the pillars of its mandate, its challenges and achievements throughout its 10-years of deployment on the ground.

The lecture was followed by an extended Q&A session touching on many different aspect s of the Mission’s work, including how gender is mainstreamed into day-to-day activities and how the Mission is concretely helping men and women at the Administrative Boundary Lines. Erik Høeg also gave an overview of information activities carried out by the EUMM to the wider Georgian public, including areas with Azeri and Armenian minorities.

Head of Mission explains the role of CSDP Missions

Students are actively engaged in the discussion

Erik Høeg answers students questions

Engaged, enthusiastic young aspiring journalists from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan showed interest in the Mission related topics

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