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EUMM visited by Polish delegation

A high-ranking delegation from the Polish Armed Forces and the Polish Police, led by the Operational Commander of the Polish Armed Forces, Gen. Bronisław Kwiatkowski, paid a working visit to the European Union Monitoring Mission on 15 January. Poland seconded around 25 monitors to EUMM and is, thus, one of the largest contributors of staff to the mission.

The deputy Head of the Mission, General Gilles Janvier, briefed the Polish delegation on the EUMM’s mandate and structure and on current activities. The delegation was particularly interested in the cooperation between EUMM and the Georgian security structures. General Janvier expressed his general satisfaction with the cooperation with the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs. A Memorandum of Understanding, signed in the beginning of October, constitutes the basis for a regular exchange of information on the deployment of the Georgian police in the areas adjacent to South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Furthermore, EUMM has placed two liaison officers within the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Another Memorandum of Understanding is currently being negotiated with the Georgian Ministry of Defence in order to improve the information flow with EUMM.

General Kwiatkowski stressed the need for EUMM to be granted access to South Ossetia and Abkhazia in order to fully monitor all sides’ compliance with the cease-fire agreements.

After visiting the EUMM’s headquarter, the delegation went to Field Office Gori, where the Polish monitors are based.

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