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The European Union Monitoring Mission has, over the last two weeks, been undergoing a period of change as a routine turnaround of monitors has been taking place. This has led the EUMM HQ to conduct a series of three Induction Training sessions for 61 of the 68 newcomers. By 1st February this year, between them, the four field offices have a total of 250 monitors deployed in the field.

The training and induction programme was organised on 3rd, 4th and 5th February by the EUMM Human Resources Unit, including a total of 10 staff members from Headquarters who have been working in different fields, most of them from the beginning of the mission. The agenda included seminars on the mandate and the structure of EUMM, a background brief on the geopolitical situation in Georgia, information and reporting activities, human rights, administration, finance and personnel issues, as well as information on the use of the internet and transportation. The group of trainers were very warmly welcomed at all of the three Field Offices (FO) that were part of the tour: FO Tbilisi in Mtskheta, FO Khashuri (where the four newcomers from FO Gori were also trained) and FO Zugdidi.

The audience reaction in each of the field offices indicated considerable enthusiasm, interest, and a desire to participate to a rather greater extent than time allowed, by asking questions, offering observations, and making comments. If anything, the time allocated was too short, and the trainers regretted that time did not permit a greater exploration of some issues. The EUMM is exceedingly fortunate to be able to call upon the services of such a group of highly-qualified, vastly experienced and enthusiastic people as the new monitors, and the trainers felt honoured and privileged to welcome them to Georgia, to the mission and to the training sessions.

The following are the numbers who attended training from the respective field offices:
Tbilisi Field Office 26 newcomers
Khashuri Field Office 7 newcomers
Gori FO 4 newcomers
Zugdidi 24 (plus 5 EUMM “older“ members)

Also worth noting is the fact that the newcomers included the newly appointed Chiefs of three of the Field Offices. And it is important - and interesting - to mention that the three new Field Office Chiefs attended these training sessions in their entirety. The new structure of the Field Offices and the mixing of the various national contingents to create multinational teams in EUMM, will allow us to bring a fresh approach and a dynamic interpretation to the challenging tasks of monitoring, observing, analysing and reporting which lie at the heart of this mission.

We will have to wait and see whether the training was worthwhile. However, the general feeling is positive among both monitors and trainers. Now the action starts as the monitors get on with their new tasks.

Induction Training FO Khashuri

Induction Training FO Tbilisi

Induction Training FO Zugdidi

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