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The 9th Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meeting covering the South Ossetian theatre took place in Ergneti on Friday 4 February. The meeting was facilitated by the EUMM and the OSCE.
Participants reviewed incidents that had taken place along the South Ossetian Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) since the last meeting in December 2010. Specific detention cases were raised by both the Georgian and South Ossetian participants. The issue of ensuring that the local population were able to cross the ABL without difficulty was discussed.  There was agreement that further work was needed to harmonise the crossing points on both sides of the ABL.
The issue of transparency of military deployments on both sides of the ABL was raised. There was an exchange of information about a range of issues that had been raised in previous meetings.
The meeting took place in a positive and constructive atmosphere. There was agreement to hold the next IPRM meeting in Ergneti on 11 March.

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