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The new Head of EUMM, Ambassador Tyszkiewicz, emphasized the Mission’s role in the stabilization process and confidence building between the parties


The new Head of EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia Mr. Andrzej Tyszkiewicz held a reception 22nd Sep at the Radisson Blue Hotel. Ambassador Tyszkiewicz welcomed the numerous guests and thanked the mission members for their input:

“I consider this appointment to be both an honour and a challenge. It is a privilege to have been entrusted by the High Representative, Catherine Ashton to lead one of the most successful missions of the EU Common Security and Defence Policy. At this point I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my former and current colleagues - the Mission members. Thanks to their commitment, hard work and professional abilities, the EUMM was rapidly established and continues to play a key role in the stabilization process following the August 2008 War.”

Next HoM Tyszkiewicz referred to the security situation and a fruitful co-operation in the future:

“Being Head of the EUMM at this time is an extremely challenging role, as I feel a moral and professional commitment to address new challenges and lead the Mission forward according the evolving security situation. To that end I will make every effort to preserve its credibility and relevance on the ground, which is a task that does not become easier the longer the Mission stays in theatre. Whilst leading the Mission, I will also focus on maintaining fruitful co-operation with the host nation and our other partners. It goes without saying, that without the support of the Georgian authorities and our local and international counterparts, we will not be able to implement our Mandate.”

In the concluding words of his speech HoM Tyszkiewicz quoted the words of Albert Einstein who famously said Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding, and he continued:

“Having served many years in various military and diplomatic appointments in Europe and the Middle–East, I can only confirm Einstein’s words. EUMM will continue to create the conditions in which all relevant parties can participate constructively in addressing the legacies of the conflict. However it should be noted that progress in this regard depends on the will and commitment of the conflict parties themselves.”

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