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EUMM expresses concern at reported incident in Ganmukhuri and urges restraint on all sides

The EU Monitoring Mission is concerned about the current security situation close to the Abkhazia Administrative Boundary Line, and in particular the reported incident that took place on the morning of Sunday 4 March in Ganmukhuri.

On being informed on Sunday that an incident had taken place, the EUMM sent several patrols to the area to gather information about what may have happened. So far, the details are not clear and the local reports are contradictory. The Mission will continue to work with those responsible for security on both sides of the ABL to look into this incident.

Whatever may have occurred, the EUMM calls on all sides to show restraint and refrain from any words or actions that could be provocative. There has been a worrying increase in security related events in this area in the last three months, a point raised by the EUMM at previous Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism meetings.

The Mission will continue to closely monitor events on the ground and to work with all participants in the IPRM meetings, and through the hotline, to maintain security and stability for the people living in the area close to the Administrative Boundary Line.

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