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The 31st IPRM meeting takes place in Ergneti

On 22 February the 31st meeting under the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism, co-facilitated by the EUMM and the OSCE took place in Ergneti.

Participants reviewed recent incidents and detentions at the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL). The Georgian side raised the question of the freedom of movement of inhabitants of Didi Khurvaleti. The situation in Zardiantkari was discussed again. Participants were invited to delegate representatives for a joint visit to those villages at the ABL to discuss the situation on the spot.

The importance of the telephone hotline connecting the parties was stressed and its effective use was encouraged. Sides agreed to ensure the safety of farmers during the forthcoming agricultural works throughout the spring period. The readiness to facilitate minor repair works in the field of potable water in the area of Sameba and Knolevi was expressed by all participants. Information was provided on the ongoing amnesty in Georgia and the meeting welcomed the efforts to address the issue of missing persons. The importance of early warning on military exercises was once again stressed.

The meeting was held in a business-like atmosphere. It was agreed that the next meeting will take place on 18 March.

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