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The President of Ukraine visits the Enguri Bridge with Head of EUMM

Tbilisi, 19 July 2021 - The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, visited today the Enguri Bridge near the Abkhaz Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) with the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM). 
EUMM Head of Mission, Ambassador Marek Szczygieł, who joined President Zelensky throughout his visit, briefed him on the latest security and humanitarian developments on the ground and offered his insights the ongoing ‘borderisation’ activities that negatively affect the daily lives and human rights of conflict-affected population. 
The Head of Mission stressed that the recent re-opening, after 478 days of closure, of the Enguri Bridge controlled crossing point for regular cross-ABL traffic was a positive development allowing for  greater freedom of movement for the local residents. He also highlighted how the COVID-19 pandemic had worsened the humanitarian situation on the ground and amplified the challenges faced by conflict-affected communities.
President Zelensky expressed his appreciation for the work of EUMM as the only permanent monitoring presence of the ground. He also expressed his gratitude for the informative field visit.

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