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EUMM Head of Mission hosts Estonian delegation on a visit to Odzisi


Tbilisi, 8 November 2022 — Today, EUMM Head of Mission, Ambassador Marek Szczygieł, hosted an Estonian delegation, led by Ambassador Jonatan Vseviov, Secretary General of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on a visit to the Odzisi crossing point.

During the visit, EUMM Head of Mission informed the Secretary General and his delegation of the most recent security and humanitarian developments along the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL).  In particular, he briefed the delegation on the protracted closure of the Odzisi crossing point for regular cross-ABL traffic. He explained that this, together with ongoing “borderisation” activities, has led to restricted freedom of movement for the local populations along the ABL. This includes reduced access to healthcare, education, pension, property and water.

In this regard, Ambassador Szczygieł noted that EUMM, together with the OSCE, will advocate for the full re-opening of crossing points at the next meeting of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism, which will take place on Thursday, in Ergneti.

Following the visit, the Secretary General and members of his delegation expressed their appreciation of the visit, briefings and insights, thanking EUMM staff for their work, dedication and contribution to the stability in Georgia and the wider region.

Two Estonian monitors currently work in the Mission.

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