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Opening of the photo exhibition “Perspectives of an EUMM Monitor in Georgia” in Gori Art House

On 9th    of May, and in context of the Europe Day the Field Office Gori (FOG) opened a photo exhibition in the Gori Art House with photo impressions of Axel Corton, a EUMM monitor from FOG, as well as photos of children, which have been taken at an outreach art event organised by EUMM. The opening was attended by the mayor of Gori, the headmaster of Gori school #4 and the director of the educational resource centre and many other guests.

Deputy Head of FOG giving the introduction speech

Perspectives of an EUMM monitor

The Deputy Head of FOG, Jan Schmidt, introduced to curious visitors the exhibition. Axel Corton, whose photographs are on display, is the creator of the galleries exposition and shows in his pictures various perspectives as a monitor in EUMM’s doings along the ABL. He captures not only the Georgia’s unique nature in combination with EUMM monitors at work but also raw moments of the everyday life of people still being affected by the conflict in Georgia.

Monitor Axel Corton addressing the visitors

Another great part of the exhibition showcases the local children’s portraits and paintings on human rights. The paintings were made to promote Human rights and to mark the International Human Rights Day last year. The children together with their paintings were portrayed by Axel Corton during a workshop, which was provided as part of an Outreach event by EUMM earlier this year. The children were given the opportunity to use another form of artistic expression to display their view of and on the world.

Visit the exhibition

The exhibition can be visited in the Gori Art House, 5 Guramishvhili Street, between the 10th of May and 9th of June, from 12.00 – 18.00 h.

In its aim to provide security, stability and normalisation for the people in Georgia, EUMM will continue to reach out to the Georgian people and in particular to the most affected people along the Administrative Boundary Line in various ways.

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