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Press Communiqué of the Co-Chairs of Geneva Discussions

The participants of the Geneva International Discussions have just completed their twenty-fourth round.

In Working Group I, the participants reviewed the security situation on the ground. Referring to the latest developments on the ground, the co-Chairs found regrettable that fences were erected and trenches were dug at different locations along the Administrative Boundary lines. These developments have reportedly affected the freedom of movement and livelihood of local populations. In this context, the co-Chairs called upon all stakeholders to use existing Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) tools, including agreed joint visits. They also called upon all relevant actors to respect the 12 August 2008 Agreement as well as the 8 September 2008 Implementing Measures.

The participants reiterated the need to resume the Gali IPRM meetings and welcomed the continued good functioning of the Ergneti IPRM. The group of experts continued working on the draft joint statement of the participants of the Geneva International Discussions on non-use of force. They exchanged views and agreed to continue the drafting during the next round.

In Working Group II, the participants reviewed the humanitarian situation. Participants expressed concern about the humanitarian consequences of the recent developments at different locations along the Administrative Boundary lines. Issues related to humanitarian aspects of freedom of movement, missing persons and living conditions were also raised.

The co-Chairs regret that the two working groups were not able to complete their respective agendas due the lack of consensus on organizational matters. The co-Chairs will continue their consultations on the matter, with a view to find a solution.

On the first day, participants took part in an information session devoted to the value and functions of unilateral commitments in international law.

The participants agreed to hold their next session on 15th-16th October 2013.

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