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41st IPRM meeting takes place in Gali

The EUMM attended the 41st Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism (IPRM) meeting which took place in Gali today, 11 November 2016, facilitated by the United Nations. 
The meeting took place in a constructive and business-like atmosphere. The participants focused on the most recent and important security incidents. They discussed further practical steps needed to bring to justice the suspected perpetrator of the tragic case, which happened in Khurcha on the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) with Abkhazia on 19 May this year. 
The participants exchanged information concerning several other criminal cases and detentions; and discussed freedom of movement. Many agenda points were tackled not only from a security, but also from a humanitarian point of view, in a preventative manner. 

It was agreed that the next IPRM meeting in Gali will take place on 24 January, 2017. Meanwhile, the hot line facilitated by EUMM or the facilities of the IPRM Chair would be used to exchange relevant information as necessary and appropriate. 

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