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The Committee for Civilian aspects of Crisis Management (CIVCOM) Delegation visits EUMM Georgia
CIVCOM is an advisory body within the EU dealing with civilian aspects of crisis management. The activities of CIVCOM form part of the EU’s Common Security and Defence Policy...
Commanding General Ben Hodges, U.S. Army Europe, visits EUMM Headquarters
Yesterday, 8 September 2016, the EUMM Deputy Head of Mission, Erik Hoeeg welcomed Lieutenant General Ben Hodges to the EUMM Headquarters in Tbilisi. General Hodges is Commanding General of the U.S. Army in Europe...
Georgian media note successful use of the Hotline
On 23, 24 and 25 August 2016, an incident took place along the Administrative Boundary Line (ABL) that illustrates the effectiveness of the “Hotline” – the 24/7 duty phone manned by EUMM monitors that allows for communications between EUMM and security “actors” on both sides of the ABL in order to solve disputes and situations that could potentially develop into conflict.

A Patrol from Field Office Gori to the Mamisoni Pass
By Maia Butkhuzi, Field Office Gori
… Dawn, an interesting journey ahead. The mountain chain was ahead of us to conquer. Emboldened by the splendid views of the peaks and glaciers the team started to get ready. Full of emotions and all necessary equipment, the two Toyotas were about to leave. 
The new issue of the EUMM Information Bulletin is now available
The new issue of the EUMM Information Bulletin is now available. This issue of ‘The EUMM Monitor’ is dedicated to Western Georgia, the Administrative Boundary Line there and the European Union Monitoring Mission’s Field Office in Zugdidi.  
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